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Million Gym Affiliate marketing explained

Affiliate marketing is a recommendation based marketing, where you as an affiliate will share a link / discount code to your following, and when they buy, you will earn commission. It is an easy way to make money just by sharing your personal link / discount code. Million Gym Affiliate program always includes a discount, which you can share. This way everyone gets a benefit!

Great earnings for blogger, social media influencer, sales people, fitness enthusiasts etc.

Sharing discount code and making money, that sounds good, right? Affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money when you have the right following and the right products. Usually the cheaper the product, the more affiliate can convert sales. The downsize is that the commission is based on the cheap product.

Million Gym is a new product, and there has never been a homegym similar to it. However it since it is a more bigger and expensive product, your followers need a bit more convincing before making the purchase. This means that you need to have the right mindset when doing the affiliate-marketing and you need to be truly passionate about Million Gym, like we are. We have also coming up different options for serious affiliates, so join in now!

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What do we offer?

New interesting product!

Million Gym is new and it is going to cover the market soon, dont miss your change to join the Million Gym success.

Good cause

Lets face it, we all need to exercise more. Million Gym makes safe exercise possible for all, in any place.

Brand support

Million Gym is a product of IRON GYM. IRON GYM is a renowned home fitness brand with millions of fitness items sold globally.

Great earnings by recommending and recruiting

The best commission for affiliate, earn up to 10% / item sold from your recommendation. You can also earn by recruiting new affiliates.

Marketing materials

You get access to quality materials for your personal marketing, including videos, banners, discount options, co-promotions, demo-shows, information on fairshows etc.


You will have support from our dedicated staff, to make sure you can do your share without extra-hazzle.

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Who can apply for the program?

It is open for anyone, we will review the applications and contact you when you are selected. The program will be running very soon, so submit your details now!

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